Options For Braces to Discuss With Your Atsalis Dental Excellence

You have been informed by your dentist that you need to get braces. This has made you nervous because you are not sure how it works. Well rest assured, it is a fairly common dental procedure. As long as you have an Atsalis Dental Excellence type of dentist, then you should be fine.

There are many different types of braces available. You have the traditional metal wire braces, which are the most common. Then you have clear braces, which blend in to the color of the teeth for those who do not want it to be noticed. Another option for wire bracing that is invisible is lingual braces and they are applied to the back of the teeth. There are two options in wire for those with nickel allergies, gold-plated and titanium.

For those who want to use a different approach to braces,, there are a few options. For a fast customized treatment, patients can opt for a customized orthodontic treatment system at some orthodontist offices. One option that has become very popular is progressive, clear removable aligners. These are a step system since once the teeth have aligned into the current position of the aligner, they must move to the next one. If you only need a small adjustment to the alignment for your teeth, then spring aligners might be the option for you. Finally, if you want to be in complete control of your braces, then you should go with A-braces.

Your orthodontist at Atsalis Dental Excellence will be happy to go over the exact procedure for your case. He will also go over what options are appropriate for your situation. Once, you and your dentist or orthodontist have decided on the option, he will make an appointment for your braces installation or orientation.

After you are done with the braces, there is some post-treatment to prevent your teeth from not staying aligned. The most common post-treatment is retainers. They are worn for a certain amount of time everyday and it is up to the patient and dental professional to decide on the appropriate amount of time. Retainers are specially made for each person’s mouth, so if they are uncomfortable let your dentist or orthodontist know right away.


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