Options For Home Heating In Greenwich, CT

If you are considering an upgrade or a replacement for your current home heating in Greenwich, CT you may be surprised to discover the traditional and new options that are available. Depending on the current installation changing systems may not be as expensive as you think and, with rebates and energy savings with different options, these new systems will often pay for themselves in a very short time.

Choosing the right option for your home heating in Greenwich, CT all starts with understanding the basics. Having an efficiency calculation of your current system and your home can also help you decide if a repair or a replacement is the best option.

High Efficiency Furnace or Gas Boiler

High efficiency furnaces or gas boilers are a staple in the cold Connecticut winters. The new models are very energy efficient, with furnaces available that burn oil, natural gas or propane. Choosing your option depends on the current system you have in place as well as your existing fuel source. However, a company that provides installation for heating systems in Greenwich, CT can provide a quote for a conversion or an upgrade to a different system.

Geothermal Systems

These systems use natural water temperature to heat and cool your home. It is highly environmentally friendly and uses the ambient water temperature from deep in the earth to provide the heat or the cooling, depending on the time of year. It is estimated that the savings can be as much as 70% in the winter for heat and up to 50% in the summer for cooling over traditional fuel source systems.

There are only a few of the top companies offering heating in Greenwich, CT that provide this type of service installation. While you may have to look around, this is definitely an option worth considering.

Ductless Heating in Greenwich, CT

For smaller rooms, additions and for supplemental heat or air conditioning ductless systems can offer the perfect solution. Very quiet, efficient and streamlined, these systems provide up to a 50% reduction over traditional heating and cooling systems according to Connecticut Light & Power data.

Talking to a technician from a company offering air conditioning and heating in Greenwich, CT can provide you with options, information and ideas. There are also resources online that can help you evaluate the options and decide which one is right for you.

we can provide you with information on all your options for air conditioning and heating in Greenwich, CT. For more information visit us online or give us a call.

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