Options To Consider In Custom U-Bolts

U-bolts are an ideal choice for working with any type of pipe or tubing. While many people think of the standard round U-bolt when they hear the name, there are actually many different types of these bolts used in a variety of industries.

Standard Options

The standard U-bolt is used by plumbers, electricians, and fabricators for attaching any type of metal, plastic or other materials in pipe or tubing to a surface. The pipe or tubing fits into the round of the bolt and the two legs can then be tightened from the other side to hold it securely in place.

Square U-bolts are used in the manufacturing of trailers, boats and other types of metal or aluminum fabrications. This has a square shape to the unthreaded U-bolt head. There is also a semi-round style that has the shoulders of the square head combined with the slightly rounded center component.

All of these styles can also be used on vehicles for engine shafts or for holding parts, hoses, and components in place throughout the motor. They are commonly used in RV construction to hold aluminum in place.

Custom U-Bolts

While there are a lot of different in-stock types of U-bolts, it may be necessary to order custom U-bolts for specific applications. These bolts can be designed to have the head shape and diameter required for a specific application or fabrication need.

It is also not uncommon for custom U-bolts to require different options in threading up the legs, perhaps extended threads or very minimal threads based on a specific thickness of base material and material attached.

Ordering custom manufactured U-bolts does require a good understanding of measurements and specifications. Working with a company providing engineering support is highly recommended to ensure the U-bolt produced is just what is needed.

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