Overflowing Toilet? Hire a Sewer Line Cleaning Service in Suffolk County, NY to Fix the Plumbing

It is very inconvenient and unpleasant when a toilet overflows. Unhealthy situations can quickly occur when a toilet stops working. This is especially true if it’s the household’s only toilet. Plumbing contractors understand this and provide 24-hour emergency service to repair non-functioning toilets. A sewer line cleaning in Suffolk County, NY can arrive quickly to locate the clog, determine the best way to treat it, and then get the drain running freely.

Plumbing contractors now use a waterproof camera to locate the clog. The high-resolution camera is placed at the end of a flexible rod. While it travels through the pipe, the technician can easily locate the clog. He can determine if it’s grease and debris or a tree root. Radio transmitters attached to the camera report the depth of the clog and it’s physical location.

The location determines which kind of equipment the sewer line cleaning in Suffolk County, NY will use to free the clog. Clogs within 75 feet of the opening can be cleared using a mechanical claw on the end of a steel cable. Hydro jetting equipment can be brought in to clear clogs beyond this limit. Water hoses are attached to a powerful nozzle that can push water out at 5,000 psi. If the camera indicates a tree root has invaded a pipe in the backyard and crushed it, a trenchless excavator can go to the exact location identified by the camera and replace the pipe. This minimizes any damage to existing landscape features. A second video camera inspection is performed to confirm there is no other clog and the drain is open.

Homeowners that don’t want to deal with plumbing emergencies can work with a plumber to draw up a maintenance program. At least once a year, the plumber will perform a video inspection of the pipes. In addition to finding any small clogs, it can also find locations where grease or other debris is building up in the pipes. The video inspection can also find any rusty areas on the inside of the pipe. Replacing these before the rust wears through can prevent costly leaks and water damage. Best/Flo Sewer& Drain Cleaning Co., Inc. is one of the best plumbing companies providing these services.

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