Pampering Options at Your Spa in Granite Bay

One of the most widely recognized ways to truly relax and feel pampered is to have a spa day. When that spa day takes place at a spa in Granite Bay where the whole environment is focused upon providing the ultimate in soothing and calming atmospheres, you have a true recipe for enjoyment and relaxation. You can custom design your own spa package or choose a package designed by the spa professionals, but either way you can’t go wrong at a high end spa like (click here for more details on the various services offered.)

Massage is one of the most relaxing ways to kick start a spa day in Granite bay. The benefits of massage are actually quite extensive and go beyond just relaxation. Massage is excellent for pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and for people who are dealing with limited mobility. Many people find that massage actually has the capacity to lift their spirits as well! Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, vichy rain dance massage, Ashiatsu oriental bar massage, side by side massages for couples, and special “mommy” massages for pregnant clients are all available!

The wrap treatments are another very popular option when visiting a spa in Granite Bay. The sea salt polish wrap uses all natural sea salts for their natural exfoliation properties, bringing true invigoration to the clients. The honey dip type wrap is a multi part wrap designed to give clients the ultimate in indulgence. It includes a sea salt polish and a cocoon of heated honey wraps, which combine to give you sweet smelling and very soft skin. For clients looking to detoxify and to relieve pain, the sea foam marine wrap might be ideal. The warm mud is created from gently bubbling sea foam and is excellent at helping the body heal and recover.

Many spa clients enjoy a manicure and pedicure as part of their spa experience. The mani and pedi go beyond just painting the nails, however: You will have full exfoliation, treatment and trimming of the cuticles, base coat, polish of your choice, and top coat. A posh paraffin wax bath is also a relaxing part of the manicures and pedicures if desired.

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