Pay Attention in your Concealed handgun class

Concealed hand gun laws are complex and vary by state to state. Some states make it almost impossible to get a license, some are more reasonable. Some states don’t let you carry concealed to a whole host of places; others will let you carry a concealed fire arm almost anywhere. Concealed handgun classes have two important roles. The first is to teach you the safe storage, operation, and maintenance of a weapon. The second function of a concealed handgun class is to teach you the relevant law and legal requirements around the license you’re pursuing. It’s important to know the relevant law, and do your best to stay within it at all times. Fire arms violations can be costly to both you, and your reputation. Even small violations will appear under the blanket statement of a “fire arm violation” which is an impressively evil sounding crime when in reality it might be that you had left a loaded gun in the car when your state requires that the gun be unloaded when in a car, or something similar.

There are silly gun laws, there are gun laws that you wouldn’t think of as intuitive. Even after taking a concealed handgun class you should make sure you keep up on what the relevant law is around a concealed handgun. The class is a great starting point, and while it might be easy to just learn the material well enough to take the test, it’s worth it to learn it properly. Sometimes when we take other licensing classes there are myriad laws and regulations that will never arise in the actual practice, or they are so obscure we’ll never remember them and will have to look them up on the rare times when they’re appropriate.

For concealed carry it’s a different story. Firearms are taken seriously by a lot of people and are at the center of some key political debates, gun crimes, even simple violations of where a gun can be carried or stored come with a lot of negative attention and consequences. Pay attention during your concealed handgun class; ask for reading material as well. Some states are easier than others, but it’s worth being sure before you finish your concealed handgun class. If you disagree with any of the statues and requirements you shouldn’t figure that’s license to protest them by bringing a fire arm to those locations, instead take care of things through civil society, petition for change, state government is actually fairly malleable and if there are obvious shortcomings in law, or over extensions of its reach you might be able to get enough people together to change the law.

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