Planning for Cremation in Harrison OH

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular in planning for end-of-life services. Just 50 years ago less than five percent of deceased people were cremated. Today over 40 percent of Ohio residents will be cremated after death. Planning ahead for Cremation in Harrison OH is important to ensure that your wishes will be followed and to give peace of mind to your loved ones.

Lower cost alternative

With nearly half of deceased people being cremated, there are varied reasons for making that choice. Cremation has many benefits as evidenced by its popularity. Financially, it makes sense. The average cost of a funeral can be about $10,000 whereas a cremation can be around $2,000 depending on the chosen options.

A flexible timeline for services

Cremation allows for more flexibility to grieving family members. Funerals generally have to occur shortly after a loved one passes away. Many families are spread out across the country and it can be difficult to coordinate schedules. Cremation allows a family more time to plan a memorial service at a date and time that suits everyone’s needs.

Flexibility in memorializing

Cemeteries are becoming more strict with how individuals buried there are memorialized. Elaborate grave markers are no longer allowed in favor of in-ground flat grave markers. Cremation allows for much more flexibility in how that individual is memorialized ranging from elaborate urns to statues or benches containing remains. Loved ones can even get jewelry made with a portion of the remains inside so they can literally carry their loved one with them everywhere they go.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people are choosing cremation for environmental reasons. Instead of using land for burials many express wanting to leave the land for the living. Cremation avoids the use of embalming chemicals and does not involve adding concrete vaults and highly lacquered caskets to the ground.

Plan ahead

Ohio residents plan ahead for their end-of-life wishes. Nearly half of all Ohioans will choose cremation for themselves. Pre-planning services for Cremation in Harrison OH is a wise choice to ensure that all services will be performed based on the deceased’s exact wishes. For more information about planning cremation services contact a trusted cremation services provider.

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