Plant St. Augustine Grass in Bellaire, TX If You Want a Plush Green Lawn

You may wonder what type of turf to add to a newly built site. If you want a plush and green lawn fast, you need to find a grass that will keep out the weeds and is an easy-care solution. If you come across the name St. Augustine, this is the grass that you want to consider.

A Sturdier Grass

St. Augustine grass in Bellaire, TX is a sturdy type of grass that is pleasant to walk over in your bare feet. It is green, lush, and trouble-free. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on weed killer because the grass keeps out the weeds. It grows so that weeds have trouble coming up through the grass. Therefore, it is the ideal grass to choose at new home sites or anywhere you want to make an impression with your real estate.

Get Noticed Where You Live

If you plant St. Augustine grass, you have planted a reliable lawn care solution. You want your yard and home to spark notice, especially if you live in a neighborhood of upscale homes and real estate. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed if you choose this type of turf. Make sure that you order the grass as turf to install instead of seeding your yard. That way, you can install a beautiful yard overnight.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Not only is St. Augustine grass turf easy to install but it is much easier to maintain than other grasses in the Houston area. That is why home builders and landscapers like to use this type of grass in their designs. You will find that it is the ideal grass for you as well. You just need to go online and find out where you can purchase the turf.

How to Begin the Process

To begin the process, why not check out a site such as Cowboy Topsoil first? In fact, this is the only site that you may need to visit. You can find this type of grass there as well as friendly advice and recommendations. If you want a Texas-friendly grass, St. Augustine is the turf grass to choose.

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