Plastic Surgeon Services for Ft. Worth Area Patients

Surgeons who conduct plastic surgery carry out procedures for patients that modify the shape or appearance of particular areas of the body. These surgeries are carried out for a number of reasons – sometimes for reconstructive reasons to address the results of an injury or birth defect, and other times for aesthetic purposes. Any issue for which plastic surgery is the desired solution can be handled by a certified, professional plastic surgeon. Fort Worth is served by professionals in this field who have the experience, knowledge, and resources to deliver excellent results for patients.

Plastic Surgery Specialties

The specific procedures a surgeon performs will depend on the surgeon’s area of specialization, if any. Some plastic surgeons focus on treating particular types of issues, for instance, cleft palates, liposuction, or skin damage experienced by burn victims. With the latter, plastic surgery specialists apply their knowledge and skill to perform expert skin grafting work to address the physical scarring these patients have endured.

Patient Consultations

No matter the area of specialization, the job of a plastic surgeon includes consulting with their patients closely to clearly communicate all aspects of the surgery, the benefits, the risks, potential side effects, in combination with the goals of the patient and his or her expectations. In cases in which the patient is unconscious and unable to speak or communicate, but requires some form of plastic surgery, the surgeon must communicate with family to decide on most appropriate course of treatment for the patient.

Surgery Preparations

Prior to surgery, plastic surgeons may need to perform a number of different tests. These can include x-rays for the evaluation of possible reconstructive surgery. As well, surgeons must ensure that patients are in sufficient condition to undergo surgery and anesthesia. The surgeons typically mark incision lines on the patient’s body before commencing with any surgical incisions.

Post Surgery Care

Follow-up care is a key aspect carried out by the best plastic surgeons in the industry. One of the most important aspects of this care is to ensure patients are protected from infections of surgery or treating any infection if it has already occurred. As well, a plastic surgeon may refer his or her patient to a physical therapist or medical specialist to facilitate the patient’s physical recovery process.

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