Plumbing 101: What to Expect When the Septic Tank is Being Pumped

The first time you have to have your septic tank pumped can seem a little scary, especially if you don’t even know what the term means or how the process works. That is why we have put together this little plumbing 101 guide to help those that need septic tank pumping in Duluth, Georgia better understand what our RooterPlus technicians are coming to do.

It is recommended that a septic tank is pumped every so many years. The interval is different for each household, as it depends on exactly how much water is being used and thus being processed by the septic tank. In general, the tank will need to be pumped in a 3-5 year interval. A large family may need it more frequently, and a single person may be able to stretch the interval.

The Steps of Septic Tank Pumping

The first thing that the technician will do is find the septic tank access lid. As a homeowner, if you already know where your access lid is located, it will make the technicians job that much easier.

After finding and opening the access lid, the technician will do an assessment of the liquid level in the tank. He or she is looking for the distance between the liquid level and the outlet pipe. If the liquid is below the outlet pipe it could mean a leak, and if the liquid is above the outlet pipe, it could mean an issue with the drain field.

Once the liquid level is assessed, the technician will begin the actual pumping process by lowering the hose into the tank. The hose will vacuum up the solids and liquids in the tank and transfer them to the truck.

Upon emptying the tank, the septic tank pumping technician in Duluth, Georgia will spray the insides of the tank with clean water, and when the tank is clean, the technician will check the structural stability of the tank. He or she will look for holes, cracks, or other signs that a problem is on the horizon.

If the technician finds any problems, you will be notified and a plan for restoring your tank and septic system to good working order can be made.

As you can see, the process of septic tank pumping is nothing to be worried about. Our technicians at RooterPlus are well trained, and they will make the process run smoothly.

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