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Drain cleaning is a process that should not wait until it has to be done. When the drain has become so clogged that it backs up, then the homeowner has a mess unlike any they have ever seen. The sewer backs up over the toilet and flows out into the living quarters. This usually happens at the most unfortunate time.

However, if you have an experienced plumber run a TV camera down the drain line to the point where it empties into the sewer he can detect any problem with a clog that has the potential for causing a sewer backup. Once discovered, the plumber can clear the clog by a number of methods, but one that is most commonly used is the water hydro-jet pressure system which tears the clog into little pieces and washes it down the line into the main sewer. This high pressure water system can also clean the drain line of grease and the buildup of other debris. Experts in Plumbing in Katy, TX can handle this task.

The clog is usually caused by tree roots that have broken into the line and begun to grow until they eventually form a complete blockage. Homeowners are surprised to find that they have a problem with tree roots when they don’t have trees. However, tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water and they will find a way to get into the line where the water is.

Another problem with the drain line is the older clay pipes which tend to break up over time. This can allow easy access for roots, but the clay pipe pieces can also form a blockage which will trap debris and will eventually completely block the line.

Leak detection is something that older homes should have done because galvanized pipes can spring a leak after so many years. These pipes were used extensively before the advent of copper and plastic. Plumbing in Katy have a way to detect a leak in the walls or the ceiling and they can fix it before the problem becomes even more serious. If a pipe has been leaking for some time, then the chances of black mold forming are high.

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