Plumbing Services in Portland OR Can Arrange for Emergency Services

One of the most important services your plumber should be highly experienced in is drain services. When you need this service you need a plumber who knows what to do and does it quickly. Think about that big barbecue you are going to have on the nice summer day with lots of spicy food and plenty of beer to be consumed by 50 people. Doesn’t this make you want to get a port-a-potty for the yard. Of course, this wouldn’t look too cool, and your wife might strongly object. You might want to get the plumbing services in Portland OR to check your sewer line before the party.

So, the afternoon gets rolling and everyone is having a great time. It is hot and the beer is cold. Kind of makes for a good combination of events until someone hollers: “the toilet is over flowing and it won’t stop.” Your wife has long left the neighborhood along with most of your guests who took the beer with them. Its way past time to call plumbing services in Portland OR. You think this deosn’t happen, don’t you? Well, it does and when it happens to you, your life will turn into one of those tragic comedies which everyone but you will be laughing at.

You can prevent this from happening by hiring a plumbing services in Portland OR plumber to come out with a mini-cam and run it down the sewer line. The picture comes back too clear, but you will know if the line is going to backup. The expense is nominal compared to the entertainment factor others have received at your expense. The mini-cam will show you the condition of the entire line up to the point of the blockage, and it will show you what is causing the blockage.

There is a high probability that tree roots have broken into the pipe and formed a clog. Eventually, nothing gets past the clog.The other possibility could be a break in the clay pipe or a rusted piece of cast iron. A new sewer line would be needed to fix this problem. There are trench-less sewer line replacements which do not require digging up the yard. The plumbing services in Portland OR can recommend experienced plumbers who can do this work.


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