Points to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Remodeling in Wichita, KS

With some other home improvement projects out of the way, the homeowner has decided to do something about the downstairs bathroom. Some sort of renovation is long overdue, but there is some question about what needs to be done. Here are some tips that will make it easier to decide how to manage the Bathroom Remodeling in Wichita KS, and be happy with the result.

Keeping Some Elements While Dumping Others

One of the first things a homeowner needs to decide is what elements get to stay and which ones must be replaced. For example, the homeowner may like the size and shape of the current tub. Rather than getting rid of it, resurfacing the tub may be a better approach. In like manner, the floor tile is still attractive and would look even better with a different wall color. Once the owner has determined what to keep, it will be easier to focus on what sort of replacements are needed for the other elements.

Considering Structural Changes

In some cases, there is no desire to expand the size of the bathroom or to move major features to other areas in the space. If the lavatory, toilet, and shower can remain where they are, the Bathroom Remodeling in Wichita KS, will certainly cost less in terms of plumbing and masonry work. When the arrangement of these major elements has always been less than satisfactory, the homeowner would do well to go ahead and come up with a new floor plan. Making the changes, even though they will add to the cost, will ultimately ensure the work produces the desired outcome.

Coming Up with New Colors

Remodeling a bathroom does pave the way for using a completely different color scheme. This is especially true if the elements the owner wants to keep are all basic white. Remember that the new tile, paint, and even the selection of accessories can include colors the owner has never used in the space before. Have some fun trying different combinations and the right one will become evident.

For help with the planning, visit today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. After taking a look at the space and getting some ideas on what changes the owner has in mind, it will be possible to prepare a quote. Once the quote is accepted, a start date for the remodeling can be set.

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