Prepare Your Child for the First Days of Pre-K in Oceanside CA

Enrolling your child in Pre-K in Oceanside CA is a great way to give him or her a head-start on education. Many areas have put a stop to half day kindergarten, so the pre-k classes can help you child adapt to the classroom setting a little bit at a time. Rather than trying to send your child off to a full day of school five days a week, give him or her a slow start by utilizing the classes offered at Peppertree Montessori. Here, you will learn a few ways to prepare your little one for his or her first days in pre-k.

Start getting your child into a schedule a month or two before he or she is to start pre-k. Have a morning routine that includes getting out of bed, eating breakfast and getting dressed. Do this each day before school starts so that your child can adapt to the new schedule that he or she will have to follow on school days. Also establish a night-time routine. Do your best to get your child into bed at a regular time so that he or she can adjust to the new sleep schedule.

Start fine-tuning your child’s motor skills. Sit with your child and stack blocks together, pour water from one measuring cup to another, or playing Pick-Up-Sticks. Anything fun that you can find to do to help improve your child’s motor skills can be done to give him or her a jump-start on some of the things that will be learned in pre-k.

Spend time each and every day reading. The earlier you get your child to fall in love with reading, the easier it will be for him or her to learn how to read independently. Make a trip to the library once a week and check out a few new books that your child will love.

Preparing for pre-K in Oceanside CA will make the learning process easier for both you and your child. Rather than your child going through a bit of shock as you try to adapt to a new schedule and learning so many things at once, you can slowly introduce them to this new stage in his or her life at home.

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