Preparing a Large Order of Custom Tee Shirts? These Tips Will Help!

You have a major event coming up and that means settling on what sort of giveaways to offer everyone who is in attendance. T-shirts with the company logo and some slogan connected with the event can be fun and interesting giveaway items. However, you’ll need to decide on the particulars of your project. Once you decide on your style, you can easily find the right company that provides T-shirt printing in Edmonton. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Settle on Quantities for Each Size
There will be a diverse crowd at the event. That means you’ll probably need to have shirts in multiple sizes. The question is how many shirts do you need in which sizes. If you include a line item on the registration form that allows people to indicate what size shirt they need, you can get exact quantities. Remember to order an extra of each size so that people can drop in for one day of the event or pop in and out simply to look at the exhibits.

Consider the Fiber Blend Used for the Shirts
There are certain properties you want the shirts to possess. One of them is the fiber blend. Make sure it’s one that is comfortable and wears well over time. The blend should retain the colours well. Remember that if you go with a cotton-only shirt, it should be pre-shrunk material. Once you find the right company to do your T-shirt printing in Edmonton, the look and feel of your shirts will be a hit among the event attendees.

Stick With One Colour or Offer Two or Three Colours?

Do you want one colour for all of the shirts, or would it work best to offer multiple colours? One colour is practical, but you do want people to receive something that they are more likely to wear so that they can provide free advertising for your company. Consider opting for one light colour and one dark colour. Both should be neutral enough to wear with a number of different colours. If you’re not sure what to select, a professional company that does T-shirt printing in Edmonton can provide some suggestions.

Do you need a printer who will provide the best in order fulfillment? Call Laser Screen Printing & Embroidery, and let’s talk about what you need. You can also visit us to learn more about what we offer. Together, we can make sure that your T-shirt order is perfect for your event.

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