Prevent a Leak with Waterproofing in Newton, MA

If you live in a brick building, regardless of the age, you are going to have some risks of leaks. Brick and mortar tend to swell and contract during changing atmospheric conditions. However, these changes are incredibly minor. They often don’t even rate as a one-millimeter change, yet such tiny contractions or swelling can cause problems over time. Therefore, brick buildings are more likely to leak when they are very old. They are also more likely to suffer some kind of blunt force damage over the years.

If your building is leaking currently or if it’s just old and you’re worried it might do so, you need to call waterproofing experts.

Waterproof Masonry

Brick and mortar, when properly applied, are waterproof. The brick facade of a building does not have to leak if it’s properly maintained. There are many ways to accomplish such a task. The simplest way is to repair any breaches or potential breaches with a plaster or stucco over the brick, which will seal off the brick and any crevices that might form. However, if you want to keep your home or building with exposed brick, you’ll need an expert in waterproofing in Newton, MA.

You can click here to see what types of services are offered by an expert company. Many of the services use time-honored masonry skills with 21st-century materials.

Modern Materials

As stated earlier, atmospheric conditions such as humidity and temperature can cause brick and mortar to swell or contract. Such weather conditions can also cause the mortar to dry out over time. These conditions affect the reliability of your brick. Waterproofing in the 21st century uses many materials that are improvements on the classic brick and mortar. They are stronger, more resistant to decay, and more easily applied.

These are the types of services you need from a specialist in masonry.

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