Professional Artwork Shipping Companies Care about Your Fine Art

It takes a highly respected artwork shipping company to fully handle all of your fine art needs when it comes to storage, installation, crating, packing and shipping. The experts have plenty of experience handling fine artwork, consignments and furnishings of any size, value or quantity. Professionals like Art Pack truly care about your fine art and treats your possessions with the utmost care and professionalism. You can depend on their exceptional safety record and white glove services that ensure protection and safety for all of your items. Great quality control simply ensures that your art is monitored and handled for every step of the process for shipping. They are the dedicated experts that provide the ultimate protection for your items.

Protect Vulnerable Shipments

There are no consignments that are too small or large for the professionals. Whether you hire them to handle shipping in regards to estate contents, collections or exhibitions you are assured quality services for shipping art, antiques and fine furnishings. The experts will keep you up-to-date concerning the progress of orders and will work very hard to meet even the strictest of deadlines. You are assured the most excellent customer service and protection of vulnerable items when you delegate shipments of fine art to Art Pack.

Understand What a Professional Shipping Company Can Do for You

Since there is a range of fine art, it takes different requirements for packing and shipping for every order. Your shipping needs will be assessed by the professionals. Their assessments will ensure that your fine art is shipped once they determine size, weight, materials and fragility. The actual shape of the artwork is also imperative. Do you need multiple crates or a single large crate? The experts will make the proper choices for your shipment and follow the necessary guidelines for local, overseas and cross-country shipping.

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