Proper Pediatric Care Is Important!

Most parents do not hesitate to take their child to the doctor when the child is ill, but sometimes, pediatric good checks are not valued as they should be. There are many benefits to proper pediatric care, and My InstaDoc in Marlboro is happy to offer a wide-range of services to our younger patients.

4 Benefits of Regular Well-Check Visits

  1. Building Rapport. Maintaining a regular schedule of physicals when a child isn’t sick builds a strong relationship between the doctor and the child. The pediatrician becomes someone the child can trust.
  2. Discuss Concerns. A well-check visit is a good place for parents to discuss concerns about the child’s development, sleep schedule, or socialization skills.
  3. Tracking Development. Your pediatrician can monitor your child’s growth and cognitive functions to make sure he or she is growing properly and hitting the appropriate milestones. Regular pediatric care will also make it easier to spot things that are not progressing as they should.
  4. Proper Prevention. Well-checks are where the scheduled immunizations are delivered, and it is imperative that your child is properly immunized. It is a requirement to attend most schools.

How Often Should My Child See the Doctor?

Babies need to be monitored more closely than older children. Generally, after the age of 3 years old, children only need a yearly physical to assess growth and discuss issues. However, babies will be seen on a much more regimented schedule and receive vaccinations at a more frequent interval. Pediatricians recommend the first visit being at 2-5 days old, depending on when the baby leaves the hospital after birth. Then, they should be seen at 1 month and 2 months old. The next visit should be around 4 months old, and then at 6 months old. After that, they can move out to 3-month intervals until they are 18 months old. Then they can lengthen the time between visits to 6 months.

Pediatric Care at My InstaDoc

My InstaDoc Of Marlboro offers a full range of pediatric care for both sick visits and well-child visits. We are also able to provide urgent care services if your child is injured or becomes suddenly ill. We have a radiology department on site, and we can treat broken bones. We are open 365 days per year, so whenever an emergency occurs, we have a physician available to get your child back on the road to recovery.

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