Protect Your Home From Storms With Home Roof Repair in Appleton

The roof of your home is critical to its structure and your protection from the elements. This is why home roof repair services in Appleton, is so very important. When your roof develops a leak it can lead to some serious structural concerns. An unnoticed leak can cause the decking, rafters and joists to rot. If the water problem isn’t caught in time, that rot can spread into the walls as well.

Roof repairs can run the gamut from shingle replacements or leak patching to full blown roof removals. You can often avoid this type of problem with an inspection of your roof. If your home has an attic you need to at least keep a visual check after serious storms for signs of water penetration. Most roofing contractors will perform thorough inspections.

A leaking roof can result in stains in the decking, water in the attic, or even leaks that fall through into other rooms. Most leaks occur when the roofing has aged and can’t handle the storms any longer. Some leaks will occur when the sealant around vents dries out. This sealant will crack or pull away from the metal and allow water to seep in. If caught in time, they are easy problems to fix.

More serious roof problems require the roofing to be stripped and replaced. At this point you have the choice of a similar roof, which is usually asphalt shingles, or a more modern replacement, such as steel. Zinc coated steel comes in a variety of colors and styles so your roof can resemble the original asphalt look or something entirely new, such wood shakes. Imagine the look of wood shingles without the concern of fire. Plus, steel roofing is designed to last for many years longer than asphalt.

Other choices for roofing are clay tiles, cement tiles, slate and various metals such as copper. Which one you choose may depend on the style of your home, but slate, clay and cement, while extremely durable, may require additional structural support. They are somewhat heavy products. Copper is another long-lasting roofing alternative, but copper does require an experienced roofing contractor for proper installation.

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