Protecting Your Pet: Be Honest and Follow Through

Your pet is your best friend and you need them to have the finest care available. What animal hospital in Windsor Locks, CT you take them to matters, but you have a larger responsibility in their care than just providing transportation. Being honest with your veterinarian about your pet’s behavior and lifestyle and how you follow your vet’s instructions can be determining factors in their well-being. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with your pet and their doctor.

What They Really Eat

You may have had every intention of being strict and maintaining the perfect diet for your furry friend, but no one is perfect, and sometimes those sad eyes make even the most well-intentioned pet parent do something they should not. The fact that you feed them human food, how much you feed them and that they found your stash of not-quite-legal “medication” is something you have to fess up about. Not telling the doctor can mean delaying or preventing the correct treatment your friend needs, something you may regret later when there is nothing more which can be done.

How Long They Have Been Sick

So, your budget held you back from getting your pet treated as soon as you should have. Or maybe you expected the illness to go away, but it remained. Whatever the reason, do not attempt to save face by “bending the truth”. When you tell your vet your friend has only been sick for a day or two, when it has actually been a week or two, the vet’s treatment choice, based on your lies, could mean a death sentence to your best friend.

Follow Their Instructions

Listen to the vet, administer medication as ordered and do whatever else you have been instructed. The vets do not give instructions such as “withhold food for 12 hours” or “do not allow them to scratch” because they are mean. There are reasons, and ignoring those reasons could lead to more pain for your pet and higher bills for you.

Your vet wants you and your pet to have a happy and healthy life together. By being honest, listening to their instructions and following what you have been instructed to do, you will be doing your part in ensuring you do have that life. For the highest standard in care in an Animal Hospital in Windsor Locks CT,

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