Questions to Ask Closet Manufacturers in Delray Beach

There are many Closet Manufacturers in Delray Beach promising a more organized life and home with the installation of a new closet design. During closet installations, the builder typically puts in shelving, rods, and other features that can make a drastic improvement. If a homeowner is interested in greater storage efficiency, visit the website to learn how to choose the right closet installation company.

Is it Really Necessary?

When Closet Manufacturers in Delray Beach come out to give an estimate, they count the items in the closet and use that number to determine how much hanging and shelving space is required. Then, they design the closet based on what’s in it. Before calling a closet company, the homeowner should go through all of their belongings and donate what they no longer use. Once they see what’s left, they may decide that they don’t need a closet makeover or they may see that their needs aren’t as great as they expected. Click here to learn more.

What the Homeowner Should Expect

Most closet companies will offer a free estimate, and there may be a second appointment to review possible closet designs. It can take weeks to cut the components for the suggested design and to schedule the installation. Closet Manufacturers in Delray Beach can charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on what the homeowner wants.

Questions to Ask a Closet Designer

• How long has the company been in the business?

• Is the company a franchise?

• What type of warranty is offered? Does it only apply to the original purchaser, or is it transferable?

• Which colors are available in the laminated material?

• Is particle board industrial or furniture-grade?

• Is hardware made of metal or plastic?

• What’s the standard depth for shelving? The standard is 11.5″, but 14″ and 16″ shelves are great for holding larger items.

• Does installation include removal of old materials, touch up painting, and wall repairs?

• Which accessories are available? Most closet installers offer valet rods, sliding racks for ties and belts, shoe fences, hampers, and ironing boards.

Just as when purchasing a car, some features are standard and some are available as upgrades. If a homeowner is prepared and knows which questions to ask, they will get a quality closet installation from The Closet Edition for a sensible price.

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