Questions To Ask Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers

It is important for injured employees and their family members to understand the process of hiring workers compensation lawyers. In Minnesota, there are specialized law firms in this area of the law, which is always the best place to start.

Choosing workers compensation lawyers as opposed to general practice types of attorneys is important. The workers’ comp process can be complex, and knowing what documentation is required, the timeline restrictions for all filings and how to work through the appeals process is critical.

At the initial consultation, which should be provided at no cost to the client, asking questions of workers compensation lawyers is very important. This is a chance to get to know more about the lawyer and to determine if the attorney and the firm are a good match for your legal case.

How many workers’ comp cases have you handled?

In specialized firms, this is less of a central question, but it is still helpful to know how many cases the firm or the attorney handles specific to workers’ comp. In larger firms, this number will be significant, which is important in getting the most experienced workers’ compensation lawyers working on your case.

Can you provide full legal representation through all stages of the process?

Verify the attorney and the firm has gone through the complete range of possible legal issues through the workers’ comp system. This includes not only review of documents and submissions, but also in providing representation through the administrative hearings and appeals process as well as if the case continues on through the court system.

Who will work on my case?

Make sure the person providing the initial consultation is the attorney working on your case. It is important to meet the attorney and to feel comfortable in talking to your lawyer while the case is ongoing in the Minnesota Workers’ Comp system and through the appeals process if required.

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