Questions to Ask of Bail Bonding Companies in Dekalb County

You’ve been charged with a crime and seen a judge. Now you need to post bond. How do you go about choosing amongst the various Bail Bonding Companies in Dekalb County This can be a difficult task as you typically only have contact with the company through impersonal methods, such as e-mails, phone calls or faxes. There are certain questions you should ask of these Bail Bonding Companies in Dekalb County to determine which is right for you.

1. Can you please explain the bail bond process to me? The company should immediately reply in the affirmative to show their knowledge and expertise. Most bail bond companies realize their clients know very little about the process and what they can expect going forward. The company needs to set realistic expectations while smoothing the process for the client, as he or she is already going through enough facing criminal charges.

2. How long will it take to get you to get me out of jail? A reputable company will only provide you with a time estimate as they have no control over the jail system, which always makes safety the top priority. The bond company should be familiar enough with how long the process normally takes with each jail in the area so they can give you an estimate.


3. How much will I be charged? Most companies charge ten percent so any company offering a deep discount on the rate should be investigated further. They may be cutting corners in a variety of places, which can hurt you in the long run. Honest companies won’t offer a deep discount, although the percentage they request may be slightly lower.

These same questions should be asked if you are contacting a bail bonding company for a loved one. The more you know about the company and what they have to offer, the more comfortable you will feel. This helps to reduce the stress associated with the criminal charges and every little bit helps. A Free At Last Bail Bonds will be happy to answer these and any other questions you have to ensure you understand what is coming and feel comfortable with spending your money with them.

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