Reasons to Consider a Dental Implant in Manassas

Losing a tooth or two does more than motivate a person to smile less often. Along with being self conscious about the teeth, those gaps also make it harder to chew food properly and could pave the way for some type of infection. One viable solution is to consider the installation of a dental implant iin Manassas. Doing so will provide several important benefits. Filling in the Gap A dental implant in Manassas fits in the gum, essentially taking the place of the missing tooth. While most of the implant is under the gum line, there is a small portion that extends above. That serves as the place to secure a cap that looks exactly like a real tooth.

Since the shade of white used for the cap can match the hue of the rest of the teeth, no one has to know that the implant is present. Eating with an ImplantAn implant also allows the teeth to still be efficient in terms of biting and chewing food. Proper chewing is essential to the digestive process, since it helps to break down the food before it gets to the stomach. With the implant in place, there is no change in the ability to chew, and the one of the possible reasons for developing indigestion is eliminated. As a bonus, the chance of food particles getting stuck in gaps is longer present. Feeling Comfortable in Social SituationsSince the implant looks so much like the real thing, there is no reason to hold back in social situations. Instead of a timid smile when someone cracks a joke, it is fine to let out a laugh. The teeth will look perfectly normal, so there is no reason to wonder what others may be thinking. Relax and have fun. For people who are facing the loss of one or more of their teeth, it pays to consider various alternatives. Look closely at the benefits that implants have to offer. After learning more about the strength, the long life, and the appearance of implants, there is a good chance that the patient will decide this solution is the best one.

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