Reasons to Consider Collaborative Divorce

The truth is that many people would prefer to get a divorce out of the way without the stress that is associated with going to court. There are many consequences to litigated divorces, many of which can be destructive and unintended but long-lasting. On the other hand, collaborative divorce lawyers in Glenview can offer a divorce that focuses on the entire family’s needs. If you are considering this option for your divorce, we wanted to offer some insight into why it might be a superior decision.

Control Over the Process

Each person in a collaborative divorce will have their attorney, who is experienced in family law and the collaborative divorce process. The case involves meetings between the two spouses and their collaborative divorce lawyers in Glenview. Sometimes other professionals will also be brought in to help the team evaluate and understand all the information. You will be able to have a say in every single step of the process.

Supportive Environment

While you and your spouse will both have attorneys, the process in a collaborative divorce focuses on everyone working together to agree. The attorneys are there to help guide you and offer problem-solving skills gained through their experience. Rather than focusing on the past, the lens is placed on the present and the future. With other professionals involved, you also get neutral insight into the particulars that matter in your specific divorce.

Ensuring a Positive Future

No divorce or separation is going to be easy or straightforward. However, some are less devastating than others. Choosing an option like collaborative divorce allows you to decide to take on less stress in whatever ways possible. The entire process is meant to be mutually beneficial with support and respect throughout the proceedings. This can set the stage for open communication that lasts even beyond divorce so the family can thrive.

Secure Parenting Base

With collaborative divorce, parents can build a unique, secure life following the separation. This means that parents are better able to consider the needs of their children and work on plans that will help protect them from unneeded conflict and tension. This can often lead to a better future for everyone involved.

At Michael C. Craven, Partner, Harrison & Held, LLP, we offer experienced collaborative divorce options. You can learn more and decide if it is right for you at

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