Reasons to Eliminate Duplicate Records

Businesses will usually have records of previous, current and potential customers and clients, which they will keep in a database. Those precious pieces of information are a gold mine to some businesses, with the potential to create fresh leads and new sales in a matter of hours. Keeping those records up to date can pose issues, as records tend to stay in the archives and life moves on. If a customer moves home your business is not necessarily going to be told about it, but anything you send through the mail will be sent to their new address after they submit their change of address notification to the USPS.
The USPS, in turn, will not call and tell you to update your records accordingly, so generally it’s usually down to the client or customer to let you know they no longer live at their previous address. With that in mind, your database could be out of date without you even knowing. You may also have two or three separate databases across different departments in your business, making it even more difficult to keep track.

That’s where merge purge software is ideal. Merge purge software is beneficial to any company that has a large database of customer or client information. To prevent duplication across your database of information, the merge purge software can merge each individual record into one functional database and at the same time purge any duplicated records.

Anyone can Benefit

Merging databases can enhance the quality of your data beyond anything you might have imagined. Stores that target certain customers for specific products can use batch match criteria to select a specific target audience and collate their data alone, to produce a mail-out for them. They can also do this for other criteria to select other customers for other products.

The database for a hospital, for example, can also be the perfect application for merge purge software. If a patient has visited one department for a certain type of treatment, the records for that department may not be in collaboration with a general hospital database. To be as efficient as possible, that hospital could benefit from using merge and purge software that can collate, remove duplicate patient records and update patient information as it changes.

The benefits of using merge purge software could be applied to Real Estate Agents too, whereby their records can contain house purchasing criteria for each client. By merging the records they can create a batch match to send mail out to clients who are looking for the same types of homes. They can also purge duplicate records so that all the records are individual and unique, as well as freeing up space that the database may be taking up with those very duplicate records.

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