Reasons to Install Air Conditioning at Your Office

If you run a business, you constantly have to weigh the benefits of any given action against the cost. In some instances, it can seem like there’s no real return on investment. You’re running a business; you can’t make decisions just based on what you want. You might want to install air conditioning for comfort’s sake, but without any incentive to do so, it can seem like a luxury that you simply can’t afford. However, there are a number of very good reasons to install air conditioning in Tulsa at your office.

Increases Productivity

Employees can get more done when they are comfortable. This has been reinforced time and again, through both scientific study and simple industry statistics. There’s no way to perfectly quantify it, but air conditioning will make more of your employees happy in those hot, muggy months, and happy employees will get more done. Conversely, if you don’t get air conditioning, you could actually be costing the company money, as labor drags and employees don’t meet their deadlines and quotas.

Improves Air Quality

Modern air conditioning can be likened to climate control more than just a cool fan. A good system will filter the air in your office, and provide you and your employees with a higher quality of air to breathe. This can be vitally important. Not only are you likely to lose less work in sick days if your employees are breathing higher quality air, but you could actually be lengthening the lifespans of everyone in the office, including you.

Removes Humidity

Nothing damages quite like water, in any form. It’s annoying to be stuck in a muggy, humid office, but that annoyance is just the start of it. Humidity breeds bacteria, so a more humid climate will also lead to higher instances of employees being sick and unable to perform. Humidity can also damage the building itself, stripping paint, damaging wood, and even possibly growing mold. All of these can be extremely expensive to fix, and can be prevented with a good air conditioning system.

Reduces Distraction

When workers are hot, they will try to alleviate that however they can. Whether that means typing with one hand while fanning with the other, or searching for a window to open, heat means distractions. And if you don’t have air conditioning in a city, like Tulsa, then opening a window allows a world of noise to come into your building and further distract everyone.

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