Reasons to Outsource Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH

More and more employers are developing policies and procedures regarding Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH. The opiate epidemic, the use of legal cannabis, and the incidents of people becoming addicted to their prescription medications are all rising and effecting job performance. Companies are requiring drug testing to reduce workers compensation costs, absenteeism, and liability. Once the policies are in place, it is wise to consider outsourcing drug testing.


It is easy for new hires to slip through the cracks and not be tested. Many businesses are operating short-staffed and need people to get through orientation as soon as possible. The legal and liability issues of one employee getting tested and another one not getting tested is a disaster and lawsuit waiting to happen. Sending employees to an outside clinic or center for testing adds another layer of accountability.

The clinic receives a list of employees and returns that list with documentation that all drug testing has been done. It is easy enough for a human resources director to compare the lists and make sure they match. It will also be clear if someone is not checked off by the clinic as being tested.


Employees will be hired at different points throughout the year. Instead of keeping a licensed professional on staff, sending people out for Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH is more cost-effective. In addition to eliminating the cost of a professional, other costs are eliminated as well. Sharps containers and disposal of medical waste can be cumbersome and expensive. There are compliance regulations regarding that and the business does not need another oversight agency or more regulations.


If a clinic or urgent care center is used the extended hours of operation are more convenient for people scheduled to work second or third shift. People can stop in early in the morning before a first shift, or go over during a second shift lunch break, or on their way into work for a third shift. That level of convenience is not available with a full-time professional or a doctor’s office. Managers can Click here to discover how easy and cost-effective it is to outsource drug testing. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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