Rebuild Your Smile

No matter how careful you have been with your teeth, dental problems can still arise. You may have had trauma that affected your mouth. A tooth could have become cracked or chipped with aging. Your dental hygiene routine may have slipped over the years. The end result can be missing teeth or teeth that have been badly damaged. These teeth make you self-conscious and take away from your smile. Dental crowns and bridges Lakeview can offer you solutions that will transform your smile. You don’t need to go to extremes like dentures to treat one or only a few damaged teeth.

Find the Right Solution to Improve the Appearance and Functioning of Your Teeth
Dental crowns and bridges Lakeview can give you teeth that are fully functioning. As an added bonus, they will look like they are whole and healthy. Your dentist will give them some extra help. If you are looking at only one or two teeth that have a problem, a dental crown can be created to cover your tooth, making it look like the rest of your teeth that are healthy. When your missing several teeth, a bridge will fill in the gaps. It is secured to the rest of your teeth, putting artificial teeth in place where you need them.

Choose a Dentist Who Gives You Peace of Mind
The Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park are here for you to address your dental needs. Their main focus is on cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your teeth that have been damaged or lost. Your dentist will want to make sure any replacement teeth will do the work that your natural teeth did as well. Go to to learn more about your treatment options that can give you the smile you have always wanted.

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