Replace Your Old Furnace With a New System From Your Providence HVAC Contractors

When winter starts to roll in people begin thinking about their heating system and how well it performs it’s job, but waiting for freezing temperatures isn’t the best time to be considering upgrading your system. In fact, the best time to think about a new furnace is during those warmer days of the year when you are having your air conditioners serviced. Of course, many older homes have a split furnace and air conditioning system or simply the furnace by itself so this may not be an option.

Upgrading these systems is the work of the providence hvac contractors. Replacing an old heating system with a new HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is usually easier that installing the unit from scratch. The whole project typically involves removing the older furnace system keeping any ventilation intact then installing the replacement HVAC system. Once the unit is in place the contractors will tie into the existing duct work if it is still serviceable.

If your home has never had a HVAC system your choices may be a bit tougher. Your first decision will be the location of the unit. In many homes the HVAC is located in an attic or basement where there is easy access for installing the ventilation. Your next choice will be the type of unit, for example gas or electric heating. For many people, gas is the choice for heating because it gives off a clean burning warmth, but gas will require extra installation of a flue for proper ventilation and gas lines for fuel.

The alternative is electric heating. Electric also provides clean heating without the hazard of burning fossil fuels in the home. However, electric furnaces operate with high voltages and will require a specific breaker and individual power line for the unit to operate. Of course, the air conditioner side of the HVAC will also require high voltage breakers be installed for proper service.

Most of the work for your new HVAC will be handled by the providence hvac contractors although any special electrical work may need to be contracted out. Likewise, if a gas HVAC system is in your future you will need to have the gas line installed by professionals. Contracting companies like RestivoƆs Heating and Air Conditioning will fill you in on any details after they survey your installation needs.


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