Replacing Broken Window Pane Glass in Katy TX With a More Energy-Efficient Product

When window pane glass in Katy TX must be replaced after it cracks or breaks, homeowners commonly want to upgrade the energy efficiency if that glass was a very old single-pane model. Replacing that single pane with a dual-glazed product boosts efficiency and can help reduce utility bills to a certain extent. That’s important in a hot, muggy climate where air conditioning adds a noteworthy amount to the monthly electric bill.

Argon: A Common Choice

Usually, this kind of window pane glass in Katy TX has a gas called argon between the panes. This is a better energy-saving substance than ordinary air at blocking the transfer of heat and cold from the inside to the outside, and vice versa. Argon is clear and non-toxic, making up about 1 percent of Earth’s atmosphere. The combination of two window panes and argon is strongly recommended by energy experts and consumer advocate groups.

Krypton: Better But Pricier

Krypton is another non-toxic, clear gas used between double-glazed windows. It is even more effective than argon at blocking air transfer, but the windows cost more because krypton is a rarer substance. The atmosphere only contains trace amounts of this gas.

Dual vs. Triple Glazing

When window replacement professionals talk about insulated products, these are some of the most frequently installed versions. The panes are hermetically sealed with the insulating space in the middle. Triple-glazed windows also are available, but double-glazed glass is more popular for the affordability while also gaining better efficiency. In addition, triple-glazed replacement windows cannot fit in every space.

The Possibility of Design Change

When planning to replace broken glass, this could be a time to make a design change. An old-fashioned picture window installed in the 1960s might be swapped with a bay window, for example. These products are manufactured with the dual glazing too. The bay window design now not only will be more energy efficient, it also will add more natural light and some space to the room.

Many kinds of dual-glazed replacement windows can be installed by a provider such as Lone Star Glass. Contact us for quotes at the earliest possible convenience.

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