Required High-Level Skill in Heavy Equipment Transport in Atlanta, GA

Requirements to become a heavy equipment transport operator are numerous and rigorous. This ensures that companies hiring heavy equipment transport in Atlanta, GA, will receive safe, effective and efficient service. The work is markedly different from truck driving and even the specialty of flatbed driving.

Varied Characteristics

The workers providing service for heavy equipment transport in Atlanta, GA, must be aware of the characteristics of different kinds of machinery that can affect safe transport. Hauling a large crane carries more risk of the load tipping over than hauling a bulldozer does, for example.

Specialized Transport Experience

Many heavy equipment transport operators learn all the intricacies of specialized transport with a trucking company before moving into this career. They may master the skill of driving tank loads, dealing with the dynamics and the odd sensation of a load that sloshes forward, backward and side to side.

Flatbed experience is very helpful for heavy equipment transport work since that machinery is carried by flatbed. The drivers may gain substantial experience in moving lumber, sewer pipes or other unwieldy objects.

Securing and Moving the Load

Securing the machinery properly related to its geometrical and weight characteristics is imperative. Traveling at appropriate speeds for road conditions also is crucial. These drivers must never take the risk of hurrying to secure the load or traveling too quickly because they are running late. Truck drivers, in general, may drive a bit too fast sometimes in a race with the clock, but this behavior is very dangerous in heavy equipment transport.

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