Resolving Central Air Problems With Residential Air Conditioning Contractors in La Plata MD

Residential Air Conditioning Contractors in La Plata MD understand the numerous problems that can develop after central air installation. Sometimes those problems occur early on while the system is still under warranty, whereas some homeowners enjoy an issue-free air conditioner for many years before it needs repair work. When someone isn’t satisfied with how well the house is being cooled on hot summer days or is concerned that the system uses too much electricity, calling the company for help is advisable.

Even on days when the temperature hovers around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a properly functioning central air system should be able to keep the interior temperature in the 70s unless the house itself has some issues. For instance, a lack of insulation or too many drafty windows could lead to the air conditioner running continuously in an effort to keep the house cool. This situation is worsened if the house doesn’t get any shade and sits in the blazing sunshine all day.

Residential Air Conditioning Contractors in La Plata MD can determine whether something in the air conditioning or ventilation system needs to be modified. Sometimes the fix is simple, such as changing the air filter more regularly. Many homeowners tend to forget about changing the filter during the summer, but the air conditioner uses the filter just as the furnace does.

Sometimes modifying the duct work resolves problems. A room that stays too warm may benefit from having another duct run under the room and a second vent installed. This is particularly helpful for a room on the west or southwest side of a house with big windows facing that way.

In other cases, something inside the central air conditioning system has stopped functioning effectively. The equipment may still run but have trouble keeping the house cool. There could be a coolant leak, or the system may need recharging. The system may need to be thoroughly cleaned.

A company such as Olympic Aire Services can diagnose problems with a central air system and provide recommendations on getting the house to an optimum temperature on hot days. Homeowners may click here to get additional info.

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