Reviewing Car Accident Injury Law In Twin Falls, ID

In Idaho, car accidents are caused statistically by several factors. Road conditions, adverse weather, moving violations, and DUI are the most common causes of auto accidents. The circumstances of the accident may also increase the risk of a fatality. Victims who are injured may file a legal claim if they couldn’t collect compensation via an insurance claim. A car accident injury law in Twin Falls ID helps individuals who were injured in the events.

Reviewing Statutes of Limitation

According to state laws, the victim has a period of two years to file a legal claim for their injuries. The statute is extended to three years for any claims related to property damage. Any victim that doesn’t file before the statute runs out forfeits their rights to compensation.

What is Comparative Negligence?

Idaho Statutes Section 6-801 defines exact instances of comparative negligence. It indicates that the auto accident victim played a role in causing their injuries. The ruling indicates that the victim was also guilty of a moving or traffic violation and may have caused the accident. If established, the victim’s award is reduced according to the percentage applied by the judge. Any percentage beyond 50% prevents the victim from collecting any compensation.

When are Car Accidents Reported?

All car accidents that resulted in an injury or fatality are reported. Without injuries, the accident is reported if at least $1,500 worth of property damage occurred. Additionally, any individual who flees the scene of an auto accident could face criminal charges.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Initially, the victim must attempt to file a claim through the at-fault driver’s insurer. All drivers are required to purchase at least auto liability coverage in the state. A failure to comply leads to administrative and criminal penalties. Uninsured drivers who cause accidents could face additional penalties.

In Idaho, car accidents could lead to serious injuries or fatalities. The circumstances of the accidents increase the odds of fatality and serious property damage. DUIs are a common cause of auto accidents. Victims who sustained injuries are encouraged to contact a car accident injury law in Twin Falls ID or visit us right now.

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