Reviewing the Requirements with a Same-Sex Divorce Law Attorney in Bethlehem, PA

In Pennsylvania, divorce petitioners must follow all prerequisites for divorce effectively. They must choose fair and reasonable terms of their agreement to prevent the divorce from becoming contested. This includes choosing the most appropriate grounds. The following is a review of these requirements to discuss with a same-sex divorce law attorney in Bethlehem, PA.

Choosing the Divorce Grounds

The divorce grounds used most often are not fault based. This is typically irreconcilable differences, which indicates that neither party is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. However, if they choose any fault-based grounds, they must provide clear evidence of this action and prove the fault.

If they claim adultery, they must provide phone records, photographs, or other evidence to show that their spouse was involved in an extra-marital affair. If they claim abandonment, they must show that their spouse left without any intention to return. If they choose domestic violence or spousal abuse, they must provide criminal records of these allegations and physical evidence. They will also need an order of protection.

Division of Marital Property and Assets

All marital properties and assets must be divided equally. This doesn’t include properties and assets that were owned prior to the marriage. Any property that was inherited from a relative isn’t included in marital property. The couple must make clear choices about these items to prevent a dispute that could lead a divorce trial.

Is Alimony Assigned?

Alimony is assigned due to a term in a prenuptial agreement or if a spouse cannot support themselves. These assignments are either temporary or lifelong. They are used to provide a spouse with the same standard of living achieved during the marriage. In some cases, additional marital property is provided instead of alimony.

In Pennsylvania, divorce petitioners must follow all laws related to divorce cases when filing a petition. This includes choosing property terms and acquiring an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. They must also make determinations about child custody and support. Petitioners who are ready to file should contact a same-sex divorce law attorney in Bethlehem, PA or meet Attorney Erik Conrad today.

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