Rexnord Bearings: Brands And Qualities

A bearing may be small and appear simplistic in nature, but it is a cornerstone of the operation of many different devices, including pillow blocks. Companies throughout the United States require them to function optimally. They rely on distributors to supply them with options. While some companies in Texas prefer SKF bearings, others in nearby Louisiana choose Rexnord bearings.

Rexnord Brands of Bearings

Rexnord does not focus on one specific type of bearing. They offer ball, cylindrical, filament, sleeve, and spherical types. While Rexnord is the umbrella company, the brand names these types of ball bearings differ. Among the different brands a company can purchase are the following:

  • Rex: Best known for its spherical bearings
  • Link-Belt: The types vary. Companies can purchase Link-Belt ball, cylindrical sleeve, roller and spherical bearings. Of particular notice is the Link-Belt Klean-Gard™ Ball Bearing line
  • Duralon: The Rexnord bearing under this brand name is of the filament type
  • Rexnord: This brand features the newer PT Select Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings

These comprise a comprehensive line of bearings under the Rexnord Company banner.

Rexnord Bearings: Common Qualities

They offer high performance and quality utility in all their bearings. While some are self-lubricating and others are not, customers in Louisiana and Texas can always count on all types to:

  • Be corrosion resistance
  • Offer a range of viable shaft sizes
  • Include Manifold seal options providing superior protection and improving performance capabilities
  • Solid housings

In addition, most bearings are available in both standard and customized options.

Rexnord Bearings

Whether you are in need of a ball or spherical bearing, Rexnord can comply with your demands. If you need custom-made or simply want replacements for an existing, off-the-shelf Rexnord bearing, you can trust Rexnord. They can fulfill the requirements of most industrial equipment from a list that includes all-purpose ball and self-lubricating bearings. Whenever a company in Louisiana requires a solution, one option should always be Rexnord bearings.

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