Sandblasting Companies: One Part Of The Chrome Electroplating Process

Chromium or chrome electroplating has been part of many industrial applications in the United States since around 1924. However, this means of preserving and protecting components from hostile elements must adhere to a specific procedure if it is to be optimally effective. This means looking at such aspects as preparation including pre-plating cleanliness.

When it concerns cleaning a component, various options are available. Yet, one of the most regularly employed methods is abrasive blast cleaning. The more common name for this is sandblasting. The methods vary, as does the medium. The selection of method and material will depend upon the surface as well as the overall purpose. In their determination to preserve high quality work, sandblasting companies make certain this aspect is an integral part of the specific steps employed in the overall electroplating process.

Pre Chrome electroplating Steps

When it comes to chrome or other forms of electroplating, finishing companies follow certain steps. These include more than the actual electroplating process. In order to make certain the substrate of the component for is ready to receive the chrome coating, the finishing company has to examine and “clean” the material.

Cleaning the substrate can involve various approaches. Operators may perform any or all of the following actions:

  • Clean using a chemical solvent
  • Rinse and dry the component after the cleaning process is this is required
  • Sand blast the substrate of the component with the right material – sometimes aluminum oxide powder. This will improve the ability of the substrate – specifically steel, to allow adherence of the chrome plating metal
  • Rinse the work if this is required

If the process is carried out in accordance with the requirements, the substrate metal should be ready to receive the chrome coating.

Why Sandblasting?

The sandblasting companies perform in achieving the right level of cleanliness is an integral part of any electroplating work. Failure to make sure the product is not properly prepared can result in a number of issues that will affect the ability of the component to perform as required by the client’s and governmental specifications. One potential problem is peeling. If the chrome layer does not adhere properly to the substrate, it can and does peel. Abrasive blasting, when performed correctly, improves the ability of the chrome coating to stick to the substrate.

The Role of Sandblasting Companies

In order for an electroplating to be successful, it is important to clean the substrate surface completely. While many methods of doing so are available, abrasive or sand blasting is a common practice. It may serve to accomplish the purpose alone or in conjunction with other techniques. It is up to the experts in sandblasting, companies employ to decide what will work best when it comes to chrome electroplating.

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