Save Time and money with your Composite Decking in West Chester, PA

What is composite decking? How does it create a cost effective solution when it comes to aesthetic improvement and maintenance? Is it readily available to consumers? These and other questions will be clarified as go along and explain how composite decking came to be.

Composite decking is a great innovation during the early 1990s and has increased its popularity in the building industry over the past few years. The clamor for having alternative timber products has escalated to new heights due to the growing concern over environmental protection and saving Mother Earth. So let’s start the discussion by defining what composite decking is all about.

Composite decking was born out of the need to save the dwindling forests due to commerce and industrialization. Composite decks are practically made up of 100% recycled materials. Discarded rice husks, recycled plastic HDPE, and wood flour (sawdust) are its primary components. To give it a professional finish proper density, colour pigments and UV inhibitors were added.

To deal with the perennial problems of traditional hardwood timber of mould and mildew formation, anti fungal solutions were introduced during the formation process of composite decks. And how about insect infestations, especially when it comes to discouraging termites and white ants? This is not longer a problem since recycled plastic is part of the initial process, making it impervious to termite and white ant attacks. All composite decking boards have a 10 year warranty against rotting and termite/white ant infestations when you purchase decks in West Chester, PA.

Composite decks come in 5 designer colours of Chocolate, Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey and Walnut. They are also available in 2 standard sizes: 138mm wide x 23mm thick and 86mm wide x 23mm thick. 86mm Deck boards are only available in Mahogany with a course sanded finish.

Buying composite decking in West Chester, PA is easy and can be installed by using deck clips and screws. These deck clips are specially designed to slide into the grooved edges of the decks. When properly placed in their final positions, the clips are then screwed in to the joists to provide a uniform 5mm space between each board.

Seems easy and flawless from start to finish? Yes it is! That’s the beauty of composite decks.

Whenever you require composite decking in West Chester, PA, you can always count on Walter & Jackson, Inc. to cater to your needs.

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