Seeking Experienced Comprehensive Legal Service After A Dog Attack

The Pennsylvania Dog Law protects victims from dangerous animals. Under the law, any occurrence in which a dog has bitten a victim previously imposes a strict liability against the pet owner. This law identifies a need to protect the public from dogs who are deemed a direct risk. It is when the dog attacks a second time that the Dangerous Dog Statute is initiated.

What Can Victims Expect Under the Dangerous Dog Statute?

Any attack identified under this statute requires the immediate and guaranteed recovery of compensation. The pet owner is under a strict liability to pay all medical costs of the victim. However, the victim must present evidence that they were on the property lawfully. To fight for the compensation they deserve, these victims need Experiences and comprehensive legal service now.

What if the Dog Hasn’t Attacked Anyone Previously?

If the dog doesn’t have a history of attacks, the nature of the injury must be identified. In Pennsylvania, there are two probabilities. The injury is either severe or non-severe.

A severe injury indicates that the victim sustained broken bones or a disfigurement. The disfigurement must require extensive medical treatment to correct it. Typically, this indicates that the victim may require some form of plastic surgery to restore the affected area. It could also identify a disfigurement that cannot be corrected.

Under Pennsylvania law, all victims with severe injuries have the right to more extensive compensation. The law dictates that the pet owner is required to remit the full cost of the victim’s medical treatment expenses. They may also be required to pay the victim for any monetary losses or pain and suffering. The pet owners are responsible for all legal fees incurred by the victim. Any victim with non-severe injuries may receive reimbursement for medical expenses only.

Dog bite victims must present a solid case against the pet owner. They must prove that their actions didn’t cause the dog to bite them. The victim must also prove that they weren’t breaking the law at the time of the attack. Victims of dog attacks need Experienced comprehensive legal service. To start a claim contact Thomas E. Crenney & Associates LLC today.

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