Selecting Your Special Pandora Bracelets White Plains NY

In many ways, the company that designed and created the Pandora Bracelets White Plains NY is a Cinderella story. A couple in Copenhagen who was very enthusiastic about the jewelry they created and how well it sold to their customers decided to move into the wholesale side of the business. This was the beginning of Pandora Productions, but they had yet to create their signature piece the Pandora Bracelets or the network required to market their items. It wasn’t until nineteen hundred and ninety six that Pandora hired the second designer of the pair destined to create their charm bracelets.

After several years of development and design the Pandora Bracelets in White Plains NY were introduced to the market in the year two thousand. These charm bracelets have a unique, patented threading system which allows the owner to easily add, arrange or otherwise place the charms on the bracelet. This alone is different from the old school charm bracelet where the charm is usually hung from the chain with a simple metal loop. This old design is often prone to damage when the charms are moved and the loop can easily be stretched open and the charm lost.

Pandora Bracelets White Plains NY provide the owner with another significant benefit. These bracelets are not your typical costume jewelry. In fact, these charm bracelets provide access to over eight hundred various hand crafted charms made from a variety of fine metals such as fourteen karat gold, sterling silver and white gold. The charms may contain Murano glass or precious stones including amethyst, onyx and even pearls as well as precious gems like diamonds.

Pandora Bracelets White Plains NY make use of a special thread to hold the beads which are an essential aspect of the bracelet. Plus, they include special spacers which keeps those beads from falling off when the bracelet is opened. This design helps to distribute the charms and the weight of the bracelet so it sits better on the arm or ankle. One of it’s unique features is these bracelets are designed with three separate sections which are divided by threads. This separation helps the owner group their charms plus it helps to keep things together when the owner adds new charms to the bracelet.

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