Seniors Incidental Transportation Can Help Mom or Dad Keep Their Doctor’s Appointments

One of the worries that adult children have as their parents age and live alone is transportation. There are a lot of doctor’s appointments, and then there’s grocery shopping. Even when grown children live nearby, it’s not always possible to take Mom to the doctor. Often, adult children wish that they could provide this transportation, but simply live too far away.

Someone to Take Mom or Dad to the Doctor

There may be vans available that will take seniors to and from doctor’s appointments, but no one goes in to wait with Dad. The same is true of taxis. Adult children also want to be kept in the loop regarding what the doctor had to say. Seniors Incidental Transportation fills the gap. Caregiver agencies recognize this need and hire caregivers who will be able to do the driving if needed. The caregiver who spends time daily with Mom will be the driver, go in and wait with her and even go in with her to see the doctor, if requested.

Car Insurance

One of the concerns that families have been car insurance. Mom or Dad may no longer drive, but still own a car that they would like to use. It’s necessary to check with the insurance company to ensure that the policy covers occasional drivers. Most do, but it’s best to make sure. Seniors sometimes get cheap insurance policies with restrictions on occasional drivers, so read the fine print and/or call the company.

Make Sure that the Caregiver is Familiar with the Car

Go over the controls to ensure that the caregiver knows how to adjust the seat and mirrors, is familiar with the lights and windshield wiper controls and can use the GPS if there is one. After they have returned, talk to Mom or Dad privately to see if they felt comfortable with the caregiver’s driving skills.

When it’s impossible to be there, Seniors Incidental Transportation will ensure that those important appointments are kept. At Home Senior Care is well-known in the Long Island area for providing professional companions to seniors who want to continue to live in their homes, but need a little help with meals and light housekeeping. These caregivers are also screened and trained to provide this additional transportation service. They have been offering a full range of at-home care services since 1980. Give them a call to learn how they can help your Mom or Dad. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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