Signs A Loved One Might Need Prescription Opiate Treatments in Jefferson County, AL

There are a lot of misconceptions about opiate abuse. Many assume that the only populations that struggle with this insidious form of drug addiction are heroin addicts who steal from strangers to get money for their illegal drugs, for example. In reality, opiate addiction often begins with legally prescribed painkillers and does not always escalate to the use of street drugs before becoming a serious problem.

Most of the time, those who are concerned about their loved ones’ prescription drug use have every reason to be, even if they’re getting their painkillers from a doctor. Instead of waiting until the problem escalates, check out the following early warning signs of more trouble to come and seek out opiate treatments in Jefferson County AL before the situation gets any worse.

Doctor Shopping

Some patients who have been prescribed painkillers for short-term use begin shopping around for other doctors who will extend their prescriptions. Others have opiate prescriptions to help them deal with chronic pain conditions but wind up visiting several doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions due to taking more of their pills than have been prescribed. Either way, it could be a sign of a new or worsening prescription drug abuse problem.

Social Withdrawal

If a loved one has become noticeably withdrawn and refuses to participate in activities that he or she used to find enjoyable, it’s easy to attribute it to pain. Unfortunately, this social withdrawal can be symptomatic of prescription drug addiction. Some patients who are struggling with prescription opiate abuse even go so far as to deceive friends or family members about their whereabouts when in reality, they are engaging in drug-seeking behaviors.

Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s normal for those who have been prescribed painkillers for chronic conditions to experience elevated pain when they stop taking them. Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and sweating, on the other hand, may be signs that it’s time to recommend opiate treatments in Jefferson County AL.

Bear in mind that many addicts, especially those who are abusing drugs that they have obtained through illegitimate but legal prescriptions, do not recognize their behaviors for what they are, though. Don’t be offended if the recommendation is met with hostility. Just let loved ones know that when they are ready, they can visit us for the help they need to ensure a safe recovery.

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