Signs it’s Time for Roof Repair Services in Flower Mound TX

The most important element of a home is the roof as it keeps everyone as well as their belongings safe and dry. It is important to schedule routine maintenance and call a professional for Roof Repair Services in Flower Mound TX as soon as there is a sign of a problem. While a typical homeowner doesn’t go up on the roof to check on it, there are a few things to watch for, even from below.

Stains on Ceiling and Walls

If there are brown or yellow water stains on the ceiling or walls inside of the house, this is a good sign that there is a roof leak. While a small leak might not cause a lot of damage, it is still critical to call a contractor promptly to address it before it starts to expand and turn into a larger problem. These types of stains are usually due to a tear in the roofing system. Something more serious would cause more than a few stains.

Shingle Damage

The small granules that are visible on asphalt shingles are there to protect and safeguard them from the elements. Over time, as shingles wear out, the small pellets will start to fall off. They are usually noticed at the bottom of the gutters, near the foundation of the house, and pooled up in gutters. If there is a pretty good amount starting to accumulate, this is a good indication it’s time to consider roof repairs. Changes in the temperature and extreme conditions can cause shingles to warp, curl, and crack. This can happen due to age too. When looking at the roof, if there are any signs of damage it is time to schedule a visit by a roofing contractor.

Punctured Shingles

The shingles of a roof can be punctured by branches that fall on them, extreme weather conditions, and even animals. If these are not repaired, they can turn into leaks and cause permanent water damage to the roof as well the home. The good news is that if these small holes and dents are addressed promptly, they can usually be patched up. In situations where it is more serious, some of the sections of the roof may need reframing.

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