Signs that You Need Tree Removal

A vital part of making sure that your property stays looking its best is keeping the trees located on it kept up by a professional. Over time, the trees that you have in your yard will begin to develop various different diseases and conditions that can compromise their health. As soon as you start to notice that some of the trees in your yard have disease in them, you need to call in a professional tree service to assess that situation. They will be able to tell you whether or not the diseased tree can be saved or if it needs to be cut down. The following are a few signs to look for that will let you know that you need Tree Removal at your St. Paul MN home.

Tree Cankers

One of the first things that you need to look for when trying to assess the damage of your tree is a canker. A tree canker is a small sunken in place in the trunk that is usually caused by a disease and the only way to get rid of it is by removing the tree. As soon as you start to notice this condition, you need to call in a tree service to fix the problem for you.

Bad Decay

Another sign that you need to look for when trying to determine the health of your trees is spots of decay. In most cases, these spots will only be the beginning of the decay because eventually the limbs of the tree will begin to all off. In some instances, you will be able to get the decay removed before it spreads, but if not you will need to have it removed along with the stump to prevent the spread of the disease.

Wind Damage

Yet another sign you need to look for when determining the health of your tree is damage to the limbs that is caused by high winds. One force that no one can control is Mother Nature, so the damage to your tree that is caused by high winds is unavoidable. The longer you leave a damaged tree on your property, the more of a risk it will become to you and your family. After a tree gets to a certain point it is best to cut your losses and have your tree removed by a licensed professional who know what they are doing.

If you find yourself in need of tree removal St. Paul MN, then be sure to contact On a Timberline Tree Service.

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