Signs You May Need a Trust Attorney

Many people have trouble deciding between a will and a trust. There are reasons to establish both, and they have specific lists of benefits and advantages for setting them up. Most of the time, establishing a trust can be tricky to do on your which is why considering the help of a trust attorney can give you the advantage you need to set up the trust on your own terms.

To keep the power in your own hands, a trust attorney can work with you to achieve your goals. But how do you know when you need a trust attorney?

Here are some of the biggest signs you may need a trust attorney to assist you when setting up an important trust on your behalf.

  • You Want to Lower Your Taxes

Establishing a trust can be a great way to lower your estate taxes for a certain amount of time. If you’re interested in becoming a beneficiary, you can contact a trust lawyer to see which situations would serve you best.

  • You Don’t Need to Establish Your Last Wishes

If you aren’t looking to write up some last wishes, and you don’t require a guardian or a minor to sign with you, then you can certainly establish a trust. Otherwise, you would be establishing a will. However, you can establish a trust to help you with other ownership settlements.

  • You Want to Control When Your Beneficiaries Receive Ownership

A will is only set into motion after you are dead. But with a trust, you can control when and where your beneficiaries get their inheritance. That way, they have the chance of receiving ownership of your property before you pass away. A trust attorney can help you establish these terms clearly and effectively, so that you aren’t left with any outstanding questions.

  • Working with a Trust Attorney Can Protect Your Valuables

The best way to ensure that the trust is established in the right way, and your valuables are protected to the best of your ability, is to contact a Wilmette trust attorney to help you get started. This kind of attorney can reassure you about everything you’ll need to know. They can also advise you on how a trust can be the best step for you financially. If you’re looking to take care of your legal needs the right way, contact Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. right away. Our Wilmette trust attorney is ready to handle any case, no matter how large or small.

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