Signs You Need a Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Hydraulic cylinders are a hardworking piece equipment. But like many mechanical items, they can become damaged by usage and time. Often, there are signs that this piece of equipment is failing and will need to be replaced. Because it is responsible for the operation of the machines, these signs should be caught before there is a total equipment failure.

One sign that you need a new Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora is when a visual inspection indicates parts in the cylinder are not lining up properly. This is a sign that your cylinder is probably damaged. This can happen over time from the constant impact of the machinery. It can also happen if the cylinder has not been installed properly. Any rubbing of parts causes major friction that can cause the cylinder to seize. Bent metal parts can also become jammed in the cylinder and prevent its operation.

Another sign of damage is leaking hydraulic fluid from the cylinder. Since most cylinders are an enclosed system, any sign of hydraulic fluid is a bad sign. This means that the cylinder is not getting the proper lubrication and pressure to function properly. This may cause a weak delivery from the cylinder. It may also cause stoppage in the machine as there is not enough pressure to push the cylinder into its correct position.

A hot Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora is another sign that you need to replace it. This could indicate a buildup of air in the system that causes an air lock that prevents fluid from getting into the cylinder. It can also indicate a complete loss of hydraulic fluid that is keeping the cylinder from cooling down properly. Since the heat causes metal to expand, an overheated cylinder could warp which would create major damage in the cylinder and keep it from performing any operations.

These are some of the signs that you need a new hydraulic cylinder. If you spot these signs, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc. about getting it repaired or finding a replacement. While hydraulic cylinders are designed for lots of hours of operation, they still need to be inspected occasionally to make sure nothing is going wrong.

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