Signs You Need A Roofer In Cincinnati

When you have major damage to your roof due to weather or some type of structural failure, the evidence that you need a roofer in Cincinnati is often very easy to see. You may have major water leaks almost immediately in a storm or you may see shingles that have been torn off the roof or lifted off the roof in the wind and rain.

However, in most situations, the signs that you need a roofer are not as easy to spot unless you know what to look for. By carefully inspecting your roof and ceiling you will be able to watch for those early indications that you are going to need to get repair work completed.

Water Marks on the Outside of the Home

Your roofer will quickly let you know that areas where the roof meets the walls and flashing is in place, leaks can happen. Sometimes the flashing will rust or it can come loose or move for a variety of reasons. This type of damage will be more obvious and easier to spot immediately after a rain.

Roof Debris in the Gutters

The little granules that cover your shingles and give them their color as well as create that protective surface will start to come off as shingles age. This can be worse if shingles start to curl or lift. If you see a lot of these granules in the gutters or if you notice them in areas were downspouts drain you should have your roof checked. Sometimes the entire roof will need replacing and sometimes it is just a specific area.

Cupping or Lifting Shingles

Cupping is when both sides of the shingles turn up, creating a cup like appearance instead of a flat surface on the shingle. Your roofer can tell you that after shingles start to cup or lift they will be more likely to be damaged in high winds. In addition rain can be blown up and under the shingles, allowing the roof to leak.

There are other signs of water leaks and problems including water marks on the ceiling, water stains on rafters, shingles that are missing or mold and fungus growth on or under your shingles. If you see any of these signs contact your roofer to find out if you need a repair or a full roof replacement.


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