So, You Think That You Can’t Afford Roof Repairs In Orange Park, FL

You own a nice house in a good neighborhood of Orange Park in Florida and you have kept it “nice”. At first glance, everything looks fine and in a reasonable state of repair. The paint may be fading a little and the roof shingles are not quite the same color as they were when you moved in and the house was new. However, it is still dry inside and the heating and ventilating system maintains a good all year round indoor climate.

Like many in your neighborhood, you retired to Orange Park from colder climes to the north. But, your savings and pension just don’t seem to be going as far as you originally planned and hoped. Additionally, you just do not seem as active as you were a few years ago. These factors are why you have put off any major repainting and feel that you cannot spare the cash for any roof repairs in Orange Park, FL.


Preventative Maintenance

Flaky paint can lead to damage of the material below the paint but, repainting is, to a certain extent, a cosmetic “thing”. Not so with a leaking roof and it does not take all that much for rain water to start entering your house through the roof. Maybe this only happens in small drips and drops which may go unnoticed as they start to make your attic damp.

Possibly the cause of the leak is a loose shingle or some flashing that has started to come adrift in the bottom of a roof valley. Whatever the cause, what is a minor, easy to fix, nuisance today could well become a major problem the next time Orange Park experiences a severe thunder storm (let alone, heaven forbid, any class of hurricane).

If you are familiar with the term “penny wise, pound foolish”, you should appreciate that spending out for minor roof repairs will definitely save you from spending a far bigger amount in the not too distant future – maybe a couple of new shingles now, as against a completely new roof later! The cynical amongst us might claim that it is in a roofing contractor’s best interest to encourage you to wait until the last minute (when he can charge you the really big bucks for major roof repairs in Orange Park, FL) but, fortunately, the better contractors are honest people who take great pride in their work and they will be more than happy to gain you as a customer for even a simple inspection and gutter cleaning.

From minor roof repairs in Orange Park, FL through to complete roof replacement, the people to contact are the experts at Keith Stern Roofing. Click here for more information.

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