Some Info About Oral surgery in New Brunswick NJ

When you need oral surgery in New Brunswick NJ, your family dentist may send you to another type of dentist who focuses on only the types of surgical procedures that your condition will require. Perhaps the most common procedures for oral surgeons in the New Brunswick NJ area to deal with is wisdom teeth removal. Root canal surgeries are also fairly common today. This article will tell you more about the procedures that an oral surgeon will typically use to resolve your issues through surgery.

There are three basic circumstances in which you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed. First, if your wisdom teeth have broken through your gums. When the teeth actually break through the gums, it is a major opportunity for the bacteria to set in and destroy the tissue and even the teeth around it. A bacterial infection can make you very ill, so as soon as your wisdom teeth break the gum be sure to let your dentist or oral surgeon know.

If your wisdom teeth have not erupted yet but they are starting to cause you some pain, you will usually need to have the teeth x-rayed to determine how they are positioned. In many situations, the wisdom teeth have not erupted but they are positioned in a bad way. Even though the wisdom teeth may remain hidden below the gum line, they could be exerting pressure on the other teeth at the root level. Your oral surgeon can remove the wisdom teeth before they erupt if they are positioned in this way, which can save the rest of the teeth that are next to the wisdom teeth in the long term.

If your wisdom teeth develops a cyst surrounding it, this may cause a number of issues for both the gum tissue and even the bone beneath the teeth. This will usually necessitate surgical removal of the teeth by your oral surgeon. Oral surgery in New Brunswick NJ can also include removal of cysts or growths that appear anywhere in the mouth, and even some cosmetic types of surgery like shortening gums. If you need an experienced oral surgeon in the New Brunswick NJ, Community Dental of North Brunswick will help you design your dream smile!

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