Starch Mixing Systems – Choosing the Right One

Packaging engineers understand the need to create corrugated boxes, paperboard cartons, and the like that meet all of the necessary performance requirements—from different stress, weight, use, etc. stipulations—while keeping production costs low. One of the best ways to achieve this latter end is through high-end starch mixing systems. Such a mixing system needs to be flexible enough to be reprogrammed for the commands demanded by different products, oppose the need to add expensive chemicals, and maintain consistency between batches.

Low Expense Specs
Many starch mixing systems can create a higher base cost. However, current technologies have allowed for some brands which instead lower production costs. One of the primary ways these manage this is by eliminating the need for costly starch additives. Without having to add starch additives, these systems, and then, instead work only with the different starch pearls—corn, tapioca, wheat, and potato—alone, ending with a higher quality adhesive. Further, the right starch mixing system not only cuts down on additives but also on the amount of starch pearls needed to create the different adhesives necessary for different papers and projects.

To fully cut down costs, a top quality starch mixing machine will also be fully automatic. An automatic system will require little to no human observation or interference, which reduces the chance for human error in mixing. This leads to not only faster production times and consistency between batches but also a higher quality end product.

Software Capabilities
Further, it is important that a starch mixing system comes with customized software. Since not all adhesives must meet the same requirements, the software of a system should be easily adapted and customized for each business and product order. With this capability, high-end starch mixing systems can create the perfect adhesive for any paper.

Since the starch mixing system is a key component of the corrugated industry, it is important to examine your options when looking for one. As not all mixing systems come with the necessary capabilities to keep production costs low, it is critical to research your options to ensure the purchase of a superior starch mixing system.

When beginning your research, check out Rapid Bond’s one-of-a-kind FlexaMix™ starch mixing system. Providing services to the corrugated industry throughout North and Latin America, Rapid Bond’s system not only keeps production costs low but is also environmentally friendly. To learn more, visit

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